Bike Love: Helmets and Autumn

25 October, 2013

Things I'm loving lately: 
Lazer Sports Helmets. Lightweight, super comfortable, and breathable (if youre a head sweater, you'll love this helmet.) I got three in their Urban Editions cause they are good looking and nice to wear. I just love a good helmet and cannot wait to share with you the many ways these helmets look good on a bike, stay tuned as I adventure out for a weekend of friends and bikes.
Autumn In New York: I never really understood the words to Ella Fitzgerald's song "Autumn In New York" until living here. Ahh...the crips cold air (that I've missed, sans fog) and golden leaves.
Green Smooties: while attempting to step away from coffee, I'm filling my body with wholesome green juices. Well being takes a lot of sacrifice. Try this recipe.
Dahlia's: my favorite flowers have finally hit the market here in Brooklyn and I couldn't be a happier girl. I just love surrounding myself with them.

Other: Kashmire Tchai Tea, making new friends, reading books, walking to the park and playing with dogs, fav neighborhood cafe Choice Market, Blue Apron recipes.

As season transition, what are you loving lately?
Anonymous said...

Wow! You bought 3 of the same helmets - they must be good. Thanks for the recommendation.

My Bern isn't the most breathable helmet (especially in the summer).

Can't wait to see pics of you and the helmets!

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