Bike Bags by Ghongjord

20 November, 2013

Carrying around a load is definitely a drag in the city, especially if you're a die-hard two-wheeler who braves those perils and relies on a trusty steed to get to work every day, odds are good that you need a comfortable, practical bag that fits your daily essentials and stays put as you pedal. Naturally, I'm on it — while preusing around the webs, I found these super-awesome bags that are ideal for cruising around town, whether you're riding a fixed-gear or cruising. You won't find a boring nylon messenger in the mix here, that's for sure. Ghongjord, a Berlin based company, crafted these beautiful backpacks inspired by bike commuters in Tokyo. It's hard enough finding a practical back pack without feeling much like a school girl on bike, but thanks to these guys, biking still feel chic enough to wear a back pack around town.

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