Chic Gear To Get The Biker Babe This Holiday

13 December, 2013

As the holidays approach, I've been perusing around the webs for the hottest bicycle picks to gift the biker babe. To help me make this search fun, I asked some friends to share their favorite bike gear. This wish-list pick is from Heather of Brooklyn Cruiser, a bicycle company based in Brooklyn, NY. Visit their website and especially their beautiful bicycles at Brookly Bicycle Co.

When Christina asked that we share some of Brooklyn Bicycle Co.'s wishlist picks with City Girl Rides, the short answer was: "the Vintage Wicker Creel Bike Basket at Eleanor's, period." Never before have I coveted a bike accessory so hard. (I mean, SO hard. That's one darn fine piece of basket!)

Alas, call it a symptom of East Coast Winter-living (grey skies, white snowfall, too-early nightfall, and alllll those miles of sidewalk that frame our days…), but I'm feeling a harmony to all things neutral. And the best way to harness their full potential? Well, that would be a serious dose of technicolor.

1. When it comes to a finely curated wardrobe, the value of a versatile piece cannot be challenged. Enter Vespertine's SASH-AY SCARF. It's the stuff of endless interpretations and doubles duty as an accessory fit to transition with the seasons. Put that reflective button to use and get creative -- as a scarf, this one can take on countless drape configurations and, come Spring, it rocks well as a stylin' sash. We're talkin' high-functioning luxe -- soft merino wool, hand-woven Heritage Flash Tweed, and discreet reflective stripes that come alive in direct light.

2. It's no secret that we're full of adoration for all helmets Belle. And this here Paper Cranes (Light Grey) headpiece (with its muted, warm tones and bold graphic) really speaks to our minimalist tendencies. And don't mistake the hand-painted origami as precious -- a UV-protected varnish keeps its surface scratch and water-resistant. This is art at its utilitarian best.

3. Now, while we'd love to say that the one thing a proper Bike Babe cannot leave home without is, well, her bike… There IS something we tend to go-to before wheeling out our two-wheeled chariots. And that's our bag. Freitag's JOAN has the brands design-y, modern feel in spades, with functionality to match. It's expandable, can take on your yoga mat, and its mounting straps can be zipped away from sight once you've arrived, making for seamless handlebar-to-arm-candy.

4. Houndstooth is a bit of a mainstay in the chic department -- depending on what you pair it with, it's a pattern to cover all vibes, cute to classy. (Really, who feels the same way every single day…) Cleverhood’s Electric Houndstooth Rain Cape has also got some superhero features on the DL -- hidden reflective thread (at night -- poof! -- you're a lit grid!), Uretek zipper details, magnetic armhole closures, and a fitted hood that can be worn under your helmet. Did we mention you'll stay dry?

5. And now for that dash of flash. A good color pop goes a long way when your primary palette is a super-urbane collection of neutrals. Where better to see the flash than right before your very eyes -- Ray Ban's iconic Wayfarer Folding Flash Lenses do the trick, and then some. Copper, Yellow, Green and Orange colorways mean a hue for all, and every pair folds down into a compact, single-lense-sized stasher, handy flip-top case included.

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