Link Love + Weekend Inspiration

02 May, 2014

There are lots of great events happening near and far from where you are and the weather is perfect to make adventures happen. I figured since it's Bike Month, we spin things off this weekend with a little link love and inspiration around the webs just to get your enthusiasm flowing.

Bike Expo NYC, if you're there and see a short girl with curly hair and bangs looking around like she's in a candy shop, that's me, come say hi!
If you're new to cycling and want to explore life on two wheels or just need a good challenge, join the National Bike Challenge.
I want to to start one and heart this guide with 4 Steps to Starting a Local Bike Gang.
Donate to Iva Jean to help fund their beautiful bike apparel line here!
I'm still wrapping my head around comments from this article, "Is There Such a Thing As a Feminine Way To Cycle". I wrote a post related to this topic a while back, you can read it here. What do you think? Bike Talk chapter on this to commence.
I'm totally digging this Strava app, does anyone else use it too? What's your experience?
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Have a great weekend, see you back here on Monday.

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