Fall Commuter Cycling Tips

21 September, 2015

The Satorialist
The weather is starting to feel a bit like fall. Although it makes for lovely cycling, I got started on thinking ahead about preparing for darker days and cooler rides. So in all preparation for fall, start grabbing your things to prepare for cooler weather rides and remember that a freshly tuned up bike, helmet, and bike lights are essential for safety on the road as it starts to get darker earlier.  Ready to get your fall sweaters, reflective gear, and boots together? Consider these roundup links and tips a friendly reminder to cycle safely and warmer while you cool into fall.

To start off, know what your Fall Cycling Essentials are: a freshly tuned up bike, helmet, bike lights, and other bits to boots.

Bike lights are important for visibility and safety. And it's the law. Cateye makes some of the best I have used to date.

Be noticeable. Reflective gear is a bonus for commuters who need that visibility during rush hour. I've always been a fan of this bicycle helmet bow, little reflective bird pin, and Iva Jean's two way reflective vest.

Dress for cooler days. That means your mornings are going to chill up a bit so wear a light weight, zip up, wind and rain proof jacket that allows ventilation. 

On colder days it may be hard for your fingers to pull breaks and adjust gears, take along some bike gloves that allow you to move your fingers but won't overly heat up your hands. Here are some other cool reasons bike gloves are useful.

Arm and leg warmers are great added insulation for colder rides and they add a bonus for functional fashion. Wearing the right shoe wear is also great to keep your lower extremities warm, check out some of these cute boots from Modcloth.

Also, just a little helpful hint: as the cold starts to settle in, your skin will start to dry. Keep hydrated and moisturized. Here are some tips from Refinery 29 to help you get in the know with fall skin care.

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