Pedaling Back

24 April, 2015

I'm Back! Blogging is so hard these days and I'm now attempting to recover from a self imposed long haitus from social media and most things internet. In all honesty, I have avoided coming back to social media and this blog because I was burnt-out, plus all that traveling and work I have makes me comfortable with enjoying the little freedom I have from being digitally disconnected.
While I have enjoyed this freedom, a lot has happened, but what I found through this is that the best thing you could do is schedule regular time off. Take time off daily, weekly, monthly. I am fortunate to have a job that allows me to work from home and travel but whilst I am doing this, the longing for wander and media disconnection has increased and looks a lot like living in a cabin with books, my partner, our dog, garden, and bikes. Perhaps I'm reaching a time in my age when the burnout from living in cities my whole life, LA, San Francisco, and now New York has taken its toll.  Or perhaps I'm just changing and my priorities are changing. Whatever it is, listening to myself to take time off has been good for me. I'm accepting this shift.

I guess my point is: How we spend our time is totally in our control. Take back the control. In the meantime, I'm absolutely sure I'll have more moments of being off and celebrate those little moments as best as I can- cooking home made foods, riding bikes, planning retirement, and real estate shopping. Consider these little posts and Instagram feeds as a visual hello, I'm still here, just being present and trying to figure it all out at the same time.

image: brooklynbicycleco

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