Currently Biking: New England

29 June, 2015

Happy summer ya'll. I'm back up in the Northeast for the rest of the season and I'm so glad to be. It's been heavenly being back in the coast to reconnect with friends and good old country bike riding. Since moving out of Brooklyn, I've been without my own two wheels to call my own. Usually I go for a city bike, but being that I'm not in a city, I took to a hybrid that I could use on the long road being that I love touring and long distance riding. New England is perfect for those long rides, so a bike to endure the country roads is much appreciated in these parts.

Just over the weekend, my partner and I decided to take a ride along the Washington Secondary Bike Trail that reaches from Rhode Island to Connecticut. A trail that runs a total of 19 miles, connecting four rail to trails conversion: The Cranston Bike Path, The Warwick Bike Path, The Coventry Greenway, and the Trestle Greenway. Paved paths, old mills, green lush sceneries, and friendly folks along the way make this a really fun trail to enjoy. As far as the ride, most of the trail is flat with a few gradual elevations, very easy on the legs. However, by the time my partner and I were finished, our legs felt like jelly. I know, I'm so out of practice!

For most of the part, we enjoyed this ride. It's great for beginners and recreational riders. Now that we know there are so many trails, we decided that we would explore more bike trails this summer.

How's your summer riding going?

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