Adventures In Italy

22 July, 2015

Italy. A country of divine landscapes, delicious food and wine, and sheer love for biking. Never had I thought that I would find so much enthusiasm for biking as when I visited the city of Lucca. I was enamored not only with the city and lovely people, but also with how everyone bikes there. Where there are rows of bikes, chic women in heels and friends gather around on bicycles to shop, chat, and simply enjoy the city. This city is really no place for cars as streets are narrow and only suitable for walkers and bikers. The ideal place for me. If you ever want to visit Italy and have a bike adventure, go to Lucca by all means. Sit at a cafe and watch locals stroll by with a glass of Tuscan wine.

Renting a bike here is so easy, there are rental stations almost on every corner just outside of Lucca that connect you to green bike paths around the city. Biking is truly the best way to navigate throughout as it is a city surrounded by walls with gorgeous views.

I don't want to make this post all about my experience in Italy, as there were so many and I have a lot of pictures. Please feel free to visit my Instagram where you can get a glimpse of my current travels.


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