Adventures in New England

08 July, 2015

With so much of summer here, I've been taking it upon myself to enjoy the coastal life on two wheels. New England is a whole new park for me. With country and coastal views, riding here is almost like a scenic dream. There is nothing more I love than being able to jump on my bike and ride through these green hills with a view of the ocean and sail boats whizzing by.

With new scenic views, I thought I would bring a new fresh look to this blog too. Lately I've been inspired by my bike experience in the Northeast. Summer time usually for me is a time for fun, brightness, fresh blooms, summer dresses, and living outside. With these I thought City Girl Rides deserved something to match the current inspiration I've been embracing. I hope you like the new look and continue to feel inspired.

Tomorrow I leave for holiday in Europe. Much of my trip will be in Tuscany where I plan on frolicking through wine vineyards, eating three-course Tuscan based meals, and having a bike filled adventure. I promise to share all the fun!

Have you been to Tuscany? What's your favorite sight?

image source: modeandthecity
Sabrina Wharton-Brown said...

I love cycling past the open fields on my way to town here in Yorkshire. I had a beaming smile on my face when I was out on my bike this morning! :D Hope you like Europe!

christina torres said...

Thank you Sabrina!

Anonymous said...

So happy to have discovered your sweet blog! Welcome to New England-- have you been to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket yet? Those are the only two places I CAN bike :-P (not a very brave girl over here). But really there's nothing like biking along their coastlines and through their sweet downtowns.

Enjoy beautiful Tuscany-- of course do a wine tasting, an olive oil tasting, but really just soak up every moment of walking (or cycling!) around the little ancient towns; there is nothing quite like them.

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