Gearing Up For Fall Cycling

21 October, 2015

As much as we all love fall, early sunsets make cyclists a vulnerable party in changing temperatures and road traffic. So it is particularly useful that she/he prepares for cooler climates and knows how  to maneuver through the rules that put her/him in safety from both the surprises of the road and  seasonal transitions. In addition to knowing how to be safe on the road this fall, it’s also good to know what to dig out of your closet and gear up for the ride.

I’ve added some essentials to the mix of tips to ensure your fall closet and bike will still make the cool transitional move into the new season in style. Consider this a friendly reminder to cycle safely and warmer while you cool into fall.

Pay attention to the maneuvers of other road users. Make sure that, even when we have precedence, others have realized our presence. Keep right during your ride and always have your bike lights on to ensure you're being seen. Marton Cycling Front and Rear Lights are great for visibility use. Expect the unexpected, such as distracted pedestrians and sudden doors openings by parked vehicles.

Carry out routine maintenance of your bicycle: check wear and pressure of tires, efficiency of brakes and functionality of lights. Always wear a helmet, even if the use is not mandatory (here are my favorites). Here's a little tutorial of how to Freshly Tune Up Your Bike.

Hydrate. Even in cooler weather, we dry up quickly, drink plenty of fluids and moisturize daily. I'm a huge fan of water and this water bottle that I carry, Eva Solo Thermo Water Bottle, which happens to be my favorite to carry all sorts of liquids, hot or cold. Personally, I've battled with dry skin since moving East and I've found that L'Occitane Ultra Rich Moisturizer works best to keep me ashless. I'm also a huge fan of L'Occitane's lip balm.

Wear light-colored clothing to increase visibility. Wear a reflective jacket in the evening and at night, some parts of the world oblige cyclists to wear reflective jackets or straps when commuting. Rapha's Womens Brevet Gilet has to be my favorite vest. Not only is it great for those intense rides to throw on and off, it's also reflective and stylish.

Although it's not freezing temperatures yet, it's cooler, a little rainy, and windy. Levi's Commuter Wind Breaker has reflective, ventilation, rain and wind proof details. It's a whole package of style and functionality in one for fall.

Some other necessities for cooler commutes are scarves, wool socks, and gloves to help keep our external bits cozy... you can find my picks here SQN Sports Infinity ScarfREI Ragg Wool SocksModcloth Convertible Gloves.

image: kent bicycles

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