New Year, New Adventure

12 January, 2016

Happy belated New Year friends. It was a very busy 2015 and so far a very busy start to 2016. As some followers may know, a year ago, I thought of giving up this blog because of the direction my life was going. My story had changed when my now fiance and I planned to buy a house outside of New York. We wanted to live simply, sustainably, and well. Moving out of NYC meant that city girl rides was no longer in a city to bike. But just because I was moving location, my passion for cycling didn't stop, so I decided I would continue with creating content.

A year later after many plane flights, cycle paths traveled, and moons passed, we made our dream of home ownership come true. Funny enough, we returned to New York to live in the Hudson Valley. In a cabin among a lake community of weekenders, where the woodlands and rivers are all we see and hear. We moved back for both sentimental and business related reasons. We would have everything here, or at least, accessible enough. We are very pleased with the direction our story turned and although I'm no longer biking in the city, I am biking along trails of the Hudson Valley and am not too far from the city.

With so much change, I am hoping to share some of these lifestyle changes here on the blog. I hope to bridge bicycle lifestyle, sustainability, and wellness into this platform. We love our home and are pursuing the simple life we dreamed of. Thank you to the many people who have followed me throughout these transitions. I look forward to bringing you exciting content of our new life in 2016!

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