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23 January, 2016

So many of us probably have told ourselves that we will bike more this year. Trust me, I've been telling myself that everyday. Yesterday I got to thinking about the former girl that started this blog. I was in my early twenties, living in San Francisco, biking to school, work, and home. My life revolved around commuting by bike. Now, my life is very different. I work from home, drive to the market (20 miles), and spend most of my recreational time hiking with my dog and fiance in the woods that surround us. It's a complete change.

Bicycling comes in so many shapes and forms and the great thing about moving to a new place is the opportunity to explore. The thing about cycling as a commuter, tourer, or racer, is there is always an enjoyable form for every person. Whether it's rolling through city streets or cycling along country roads, cycling can be whatever we want it to be. That's what I love about it, it fits in whatever lifestyle we choose.

For some of us, cycling may be in our routine but if you find yourself struggling to get on your bike, even after the cold season, you'll need an little more creativity to get back on the saddle. Some of these suggestions, I'll be personally using too.

Join A Cycling Club
That's right ladies, ditch the cute threads and join a cycling club. Bring on the padded shorts, energy gels, and lycra! Since I'm very new to the Hudson Valley, I figured it would be great to connect with seasoned cyclists and develop some new relationships with people who share a similar passion. You can usually find a cycling club near you on Meetup or a local bike shop.

Try Trail Cycling
Although this sounds more like something us country folk do, I've lived in plenty of cities that have bike trails throughout. Ever been curious to explore a new part of town? Take the trail. You'll be surprised what you can discover. If your curious about what trail to ride along, check out Map My Ride or a local bike coalition for information. This year, I'll be taking on the trails around me, even if they are dirt trails.

Create A Routine
Last year when I lived Connecticut seaside, I created a routine of rides post work. Not as a commuter but as a recreational roadie. Every MWF, I would hop on my bike at 5 o'clock and ride before the sun started to set. Most of my rides where created with the intention of discovering some place new while enjoying the outdoors. If you live in a city, bike commuting may be a simple adjustment as long as the conditions permit it. If you're a recreational rider, post work or weekend rides are a great way to get started in a routine too.

Set A Goal
Do you want to bike to lose weight, for fun, or to meet people? Why not all of these?! Whatever your reason, create an goal. Bike the 10 local trails, lose those 10 pounds you've gained this winter, or bike 100 miles this year. My goal this year is to meet people and get in top cycling shape.

Bike Where You Travel
If you're traveling somewhere new, wonder through by bike. Pack your bike, rent a bike, or subscribe to a bike share. You'll look forward to experiencing your new surrounding leisurely. Pack a picnic, relax at the cafe, and hang out like a local. This is something I've practiced while visiting London, Paris, Lucca, San Francisco, NYC, and Los Angeles. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Do you have any resolutions for biking more or trying something new this year? Do tell!

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Sabrina Wharton-Brown said...

I like the last one.

Yesterday I went on a ride and took a wrong turn, so I ended up in a village near where I live, called Copmanthorpe where I stopped to have a home-made scone (I think you call them 'biscuits' in America). I enjoyed it so much that last night I decided that today I would make a packed lunch and go off on a picnic, just on my own, along the Solar System Route that we have here in York. I went beyond that and into some villages I've never seen before and spoke to people I've never met, and totalled over 27 miles on my town bike. I think I'll do this more often, as time and weather permit. It makes a nice change from having lunch in my shared flat, and lets me see more of my county. An adventure every weekend! That's living! :)

I'm also on Strava, so I can not only count up my miles and track my speed, but also track where I've been (and see how to get home when I venture out). And it's one way of keeping in touch with my bike friends when we don't get to meet in real life.

christina torres said...

Sabrina, 'scones' depend on where you are in America. I call them scones (used to work in a cafe long ago). Biscuits are cookies to me and that's because I have an Englishman as my fiance who corrects me! Getting lost on your bike sounded like a nice little adventure, how lovely to be able to experience such lovely places you have yet to know. Glad you brought up Strava, that's a great app to have on hand to log rides, miles, and connect with other riders. Thanks for that reminder!

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