Ride In Style With Bandbox Helmets

14 September, 2016

Helmets have always been a tricky topic in the women's cycling community. From helmet hair to safety, the discussion about helmets have been never ending. However, safety for any cyclist is a top priority. No doubt, helmets do indeed save lives, yet, they have a very unflattering appeal to them that drive some people not to wear them. With a number of brands coming out of the woodwork to produce lovely cycling helmets, Bandbox LLC has been among the leading fashionable helmet brands making their mark in the industry.

Earlier this year I was asked to review a beautifully designed helmet made by Bandbox. I opted to for The Devon for it's lovely straw like style and overall coverage from the sun to suit my country cycling. Since I have taken it with me to Florida and Connecticut where I've received many compliments and inquiries on where I got it. Months later, I got amazing news that Bandbox was ready to go global with their products. This news of course was exciting and I was ready to share them with the world.

From fedoras to straw sun hats, Bandbox has produced some of the most fashionable helmets in the industry. Establishing themselves well in the market, the bike helmet design team has launched a crowdfunding platform on IndieGoGo to support their global reach. Founders Cheryl Allen-Munley and Dean Munley have a unique history with their new school helmets, hoping to bring joy back in cycling with safety and style as a priority.
After being in business for the past few years both Cheryl and Dean saw a need for change. “I noticed more and more people on the street riding without helmets,” Cheryl said. “When I would ask why, it was always about the way they looked and felt.” This is why Cheryl set out to create a helmet that was not only aesthetically pleasing but felt great while riding. Bandbox offers a surplus of options for both men and women; whether you are looking for something to fit your summer style, or get you through the cold winter months, Bandbox has you covered. 

The Bandbox team hopes to raise $30,000 during their campaign to increase production capacity and meet international standards. “The ultimate goal is to be in stores worldwide and to bring back the enjoyment of riding bikes,” she said. “I understand people not wanting to wear the traditional helmets but it is unsafe to be riding without any helmet at all.” Bandbox has entered two new markets, to reach both the equestrian industry and the medical needs industry. Bandbox says its three goals as a company is to promote safe cycling for everyone, provide attractive helmets that people truly want to wear and produce enough to supply Bandbox to the masses. 

Please join me in supporting Bandbox on their journey! Together we can help support their efforts through their crowdfunding campaign on Bandbox Helmets IndieGoGo here!


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