Route Feminent in Vermont

17 January, 2017

It was a simple tweet derived from a fantasy to escape on a bike tour that turned into a reality when Brent Knepper of Everything Will Be Noble reached out to me and offered support through Route Feminent. Route Feminent is a project to support and sponsor women and LBGTQ cyclists who want to take their wondering souls onto a bike adventure. In many ways, this project gave me my wings into adventure cycling.

Having RF's support gave me the release I needed in the process of planning a weekend getaway by bike. I would ride unknown trails, meet friendly strangers along the way, stick Route Feminent stickers on trails, and sip fresh coffee at camp with a glorious view of mountain top landscapes. The expectations I had were filled with romantic adventuring possibilities until the reality of doing it alone as a woman started to weigh in on the dream. I had a lot to consider and decided to do it anyway.

What I had dreamed up to cycle along the back country trails with breathtaking autumn views turned into a wet and cold trip along rolling back country roads among Vermont's finest autumn views. Although fantasies of escaping onto great adventures are pleasant, there are always great lessons to be learned in our expectations and realities. For more of my story on this adventure, please visit Route Feminent and check out their bike stickers to help support another lady or LBTQ cyclist on their next bike adventure.

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