Pinning Women's Cycling On Pinterest

30 May, 2017

By now, you must be with the familiar with the popular concept of Pinterest - my favorite way of "visual bookmarking". With blogging and my past in working as a social media manager at bicycle accessories boutique Eleanor's NYC, I've always found Pinterest to be extremely helpful in terms of organizing my creative thoughts. It allows me to curate a vast selection of ideas around gear, kit, and endless cycle lifestyle inspiration in one place.

I've always found Pinterest to be extremely helpful in organizing these concepts for sharing women's cycling information gathered from women's specific focused online websites, magazines, writers, and the general cycling industry. Pinterest has also become a huge source of blogging inspiration for me as I continue to build content. I'm such a conceptual person and passionate about sharing empowering resources to help women get on that next step in cycling. Pinterest has allowed me to do that in a more "visual board" way.
In the last few weeks, I'm tried to step up my Pinterest game - categorizing and fleshing out different boards that inspire me: Cycling Kit + Gear, Cycle Lifestyle, Cycling Adventure, Cycling Books - you name it! My boards are meant to connect women in cycling to resources specific to women's cycling. Each board serves it's purpose to help you find gear, kit, nutrition tips, information, bikes, and inspiration for that next ride and any goal you set to conquer on your bike.

So pop on over to my Pinterest page and see what I've been dreaming up and gathering for your viewing and resource needs. Who knows, perhaps it will spark that next cycling adventure...
Anthony Y. Rubinstein said...

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