Women's Cycling Podcasts

17 May, 2017

In the wee hours of the morning there are two things I love the most: coffee and a good podcast. If it's not the dooming daily U.S. news I'm listening to, it's probably a podcast on cycling. When listening to cycling podcasts there are specific things I look for. First, I enjoy learning about the inspiring women making a change in women's cycling whether it's industry or sports. Second, I enjoy lessons and stories of adventure, struggle, growth, and conquer. Third, if it's honest and relatable content to women's cycling, even as a hobby. And fourth, the races, boy do I love them. Just to note, because I'm passionate about women's cycling I'm only sharing podcasts that features women's cycling voices, so sorry dudes, you can pass this on to your lady cycling friends unless you enjoy learning about the badass work these women do.

So whether you're waking up with your morning coffee for that early ride, commuting to work, fixing your bike, or cooking your recovery meal, here are some of my favorite podcasts that feature the grit, gear, and tears (of laughter) of women's cycling.
Voxwomen Insider
Hosts Abby Mickey and Loren Rowney aim to bring you an “insider” look into the women’s professional peloton. The weekly podcast, released every Monday, will deliver you the rundown on what’s been happening at the UCI Women’s World Tour races. As well as analysis of the races and the who’s who of the peloton. Hosts interview a guest on the show every week. From professional riders, to the women behind the scenes in the sport, the Voxwomen Insider powered by Canyon will deliver all your need to know about what’s going on in women’s cycling.

Cycling Podcast Feminin
Cycling Podcast Feminin is a monthly show dedicated to women's cycling. Presenters Orla Chennaoui, Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe – and a few special guests along the way take us into the world of women's professional cycling. With a mix of harsh realities, insights, and analysis, journalists cover not just the big talking points but take you behind the scenes. If you love enjoy looking into the minds of the racers, this is a good one.
The Joy Ride
The Joy Ride is a podcast hosted by Cat Caparello celebrating women on bikes - featuring bike love conversations with all kinds of women who ride covering topics from advocacy, bike touring, pro-racing, mechanics, to cycling books. This is another one you can appreciate for the everyday female cyclist making a difference in her community. It truly celebrates women cyclists.

Wheel Suckers
Wheel Suckers is a "tandem" cycling industry comedy podcast hosted by Alex from Look Mum No Hands! and Jenni from the London Bike Kitchen. Wheel Suckers are my favorite Monday morning listen as it's usually packed with lots of laughs and talk about the cycling scene, cycling culture, and bike stuff. They also have interviews with some of the greatest in the industry and sport and are pretty candid in their conversations. While there is lots of laughing involved, there are some serious moments too.
Pro-Women's Cycling
An offshoot of the Unofficial, Unsanctioned Women's UCI Cycling blog, this podcast features interviews with pro women and people involved in women’s cycling. Host Sarah Connolly is one of the best-known voices in women’s cycling and happy to share her “unashamedly enthusiastic and unapologetically sweary” thoughts on the often-neglected women’s side of the sport.

Hope you will give each a listen and perhaps a nice review of their work. Every time we listen and share the work of those promoting women's cycling, we open the door and light the way for the next generation of great female cyclists. Happy listening!

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