Rise of Women's Race Teams Supported By Women's Cycling Brands

12 June, 2017

I'm a huge fan of supporting women's cycling brands, so much that they really are the brands I buy from (see post Kits For Women, By Women). I'm also a fan of the women's cycling races, so when I see some of my favorite women's cycling brands sponsoring or organizing a race team of their own, my heart goes wild! Most of the cycling industry knows that sponsoring races teams raises awareness of a brand and the women's cycling industry knows that women's cycling is under supported and hardly recognized by traditional sponsors. So what do women in the cycling industry do when they are given lemons? They make lemonade by developing their own kits and now they are organizing women's group rides and sponsoring race teams.

If you're ever thinking of investing in new kit or gear, and your decision is influenced by a brands relationship with women in cycling, consider supporting some of these rad women's cycling brands owned by women and let them know how much you love their work. Here are the women's race teams these brands are sponsoring and organizing to change the game in women's cycling.
Machines For Freedom
  • Ultra Violet, is a brand new shiny Machines For Freedom sponsored women's cyclocross and road team based out of Austin, Texas. As they begin the season's first cross races they will also continue supporting their own women's cycling community by leading a monthly women's ride called Spicy Sundays, first Sunday of the month. Rides are just under 70 miles at a lively pace with ride leaders from the Ultra Violet Team and ended with a brunch. You can keep up with them for news and updates on races and rides on Instagram and on MFF's website.
FINDRA's role is as one of the headline sponsors for race team, The Quad, the first ever women's professional cycling team to specialize entirely in self-supported ultra-distance events. FINDRA's mission is all about empowering and encouraging women to look good, feel good, and perform to their best abilities in outdoor sports. In union with four of the twelve athletes of The Adventure Syndicate, FINDRA is supporting the group in race events like the Highland Trail 550, the Tour Divide, and the Trans Atlantic Way. Although these are high-level athletic events, they remain tied to FINDRA's and the Syndicate’s principles of adventure, self-reliance, and pushing yourself further than you originally thought you could go. Some of the baddest of the baddest ladies in cycling are racing now, you can keep up on their race progress with The Quads live tracker.
Queen of the Mountains
Queen of the Mountains are now sponsoring Les Filles, who have been racing in the UK for 4 years, making tremendous progress and inspiring women from all over to race and get involved in competitive cycling. The team is concentrating on Elite and National level races during the Spring/Summer season, from Criterium, Time Trials and Road races – including the London Nocturne that just passed on the 11th of June. The Les Filles Queen of the Mountains Racing Team is the brainchild of Nicole Oh and Alicia Bamford (founder of Queen of the Mountains), who share the goals of premium performance and encouraging greater participation of women in sport. The partnership is a natural fit to promote awareness of women's cycling and, in turn, encourage more women to take up the sport.
Peppermint Cycling
PEPPERMINT Cycling Team is a women's competitive team developed by Peppermint Cycling based in Quebec, Canada. The team was founded in 2015 under the name Team Kinactif powered by Fineau. Since the team has been managed by members of the team, Peppermint Cycling brand, and additional sponsors. During the season, nine dedicated women work together to share their common vision and goal: promote women's cycling as a welcoming community and act as a source of inspiration for the active lifestyle. As a member of the Quebec Cycling Federation, Road, Track, fixed-gear,  mountain and cyclocross, the Peppermint Cycling Team aspires to be a number one reference in Quebec for women's cycling. You can follow their latest team season updates on Instagram.

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