Things Only Cycling Babes Know

06 June, 2017

There are a lot of things cyclists have in common. Most of all, our dedication to the cycling lifestyle. We wear bright and tight lycra, embrace suffering, sacrifice mornings and weekends to hit the road, and speak a language only other dedicated cyclists understand. For women who ride, there are a few things we know about the cycling life to be true for us that makes cycling a world of our own. Here are 20 of them I know to be true for me and others.

1. The best way to start our morning is to ride to the coffee shop to meet up with cycling girlfriends.

2. Riding with all girls makes a difference. From fun conversations, laughing and pushing each other to the limit, we always have a good time together and feel good about our riding progress on the bike.

3. Riding with guys helps us push ourselves harder. We especially appreciate their contribution to mechanical maintenance and advice when asked for.

4. We have a part of our closet just for cycling gear. Mix and matching socks and kit, helmets, shoes for all days of the week. It's all about looking and feeling good, right?

5. "Just cause you have a women's kit doesn't mean you have a kit for women." Womens Kits

6. When we over take some guys, they seem to get annoyed (always a dead eye stare, sulking, or a comment), eventually they just over take you so you push harder to over take again and smoke them out when they're tired. You consider this pro training.

7. We spend more money on cycling kits, components, trips, and cycling shoes more than actual clothes, bags, shoes or anything else.

8. We have the best advice about the best bibs to make a female "nature break" easier and what saddle is best to prevent saddle sores and flap mash numbing.

9. Not shaving "lady bits" is the best prevention for saddle sore and there really is no limit on how much chamois cream you can use too.
10. Women are better at endurance and the journey to get to our destination is better than the speed and time it took to.

11. Our car or bags are well stocked with bike gear from a bike pump, oil, tubes, kit, socks, snacks, chamois cream, and extra water... just in case a friend needs it or you might spontaneously join a ride!

12. All eating etiquette flies out the door post-ride fueling. We can make a pizza and burger literally disappear in seconds.

13. We're actually proud of our cycling tans and flaunt them #prohours

14. Grease in nails is just a fact of the dedicated cycling life, kit matching nail polish does a good job covering it up.

15. Rest days are for eating and posting weekend cycling pics with girlfriends on social media.

16. Cycling is the most freeing activity, so is going commando after a long day on the bike. 

17. Podium boys are just weird. Podium girls are archaic. Gives us puppies to kiss.

18. We love the races but can't help watching the pro mens peloton for "boyfriend material".

19. All that work we did to look good before a ride literally goes out the door at the end of a ride.

20. Coordinating "time of the month" with ride and rest days. Going hard days before and sleeping like a baby during to recover and ride harder when it's over.

image courtesy @machinesforfreedom/@yorkshirevelo
Womens Kit said...

Glad you're talking about #9 and #20! That's why I appreciate my all-womyn rides - so that I can share information and learn from others. We're not born knowing these things about cycling, and we all get better together.

christina torres said...

@ Women's Kit

I would like to talk about #9 and #20 more but think I may need a medical professional for this one. Women learn more from each others experience. If there's anything you think the women's cycling community should know, let's start a dialogue together. Would be happy to have you as a guest here!

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