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14 November, 2017

Since my last post about What You Need To Know About Cycling Studios, you've had time to test an indoor cycling class to see if you would like it. If you did, now is the time to take the guesswork out of what to pack in your spin class bag. Packing just the right amount, you can ensure that you have all of your workout essentials without feeling weighed down on your commute to class. When it comes to packing for spin, it really is all about keeping it simple.
By knowing what to pack for spin, you can go confidently into your spin class knowing that you have all the essentials you need before and after your session. How relaxing is that? This round-up of spin essentials can help you comfortably move onto becoming a spin enthusiast or you can use it as a gift guide for that spin/cycling enthusiast in your life for the holidays. So, before you head to your next session, or add anything to your holiday wish-list, make sure you add these 10 workout essentials into your spin bag, or... um... Christmas shopping cart. 
Breathable Top With Coverage -  In an indoor cycling class, you’re slightly bending at the hip and leaning over the entire class – the last thing you want is your top clinging to sweat and climbing up your back, cramping your style. Opt for a top with breathability and maximum coverage, like Lululemon's Sculpt Tank with mesh fabric and panels that keep you cool, so all you have to worry about is wiping off the sweat from the bike after class.
Hi-Rise Tight Shorts might be ideal in a hot yoga class or on a run, but you’ll want to keep them away from the spin room…trust me. If you’re set on being as breathable and dry on a spin bike, opt for Lululemon's Iconic tight that was made for a high rise fit so they don't slip down and show your bottom and sweat as you bend over the bike. Made with moisture wicking mech and fabric for some serious sweating, you'll be glad for these.

Supportive Bra - There is nothing worse for us ladies in spin class than bouncing around on the saddle with no support (at least for me!). I particularly sweat a lot on my chest and back so having a breathable supportive bra like Lululemon's Invigorate Bra with mesh ventilation on the back and cooling material keeps me looking and feeling dry without compromising support.
HR Monitor Watch Monitor you effort with an activity-tracking GPS and Heart Rate Monitor watch like the Fitbit Charge 2 to help you achieve your goals. At the end of a workout you can track your calories burn, elevation gain, heart rate zones, and % of effort output spent in a zone. I use this especially for tracking my rides, progress, and time I spend in my heart rate zones to help me achieve my overall health goals.
Water-bottle + Electrolytes You’ll be sweating a lot, which means you’ll need to stay hydrated. I love bringing my MFF cycling water bottles and adding Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration to my water to replace all those electrolytes I'm sweating out, plus it helps increase power output, improves endurance, and overrides premenstrual performance decline so that I can increase resistance and push through those long climbing intervals without slowing down and giving in.

Fringe Fighter Headband While indoor cycling is a low-impact activity, you’ll still be moving around in and out of the saddle – and get plenty sweaty. Be sure to secure your hair with some no-snag hair bands and keep your sweat and fringe away from your face with this fringe fighter and sweat absorber headband.

Towel - You're body will sweat but also be aware of slippery handlebars as it can create a dangerous if you slip off. Lay a mid-sized towel over your bike’s handlebars to keep your hands in place and help you wipe your face to stay dry during your class. Make sure your towel is long enough to cover the handlebars’ length, but short enough that it doesn’t get in your way!
Gym Tote - Opt for a medium-sized tote bag that can help you carry your spin-cessories in style. Luckily, the new wave of active-wear that’s has gone on trend has created new waves of functional and chic gym totes, like the Lululemon's All Day Tote, that I’d gladly sport long after I'm through with spin class.
MFF Day Break Jacket - Often times (especially in the early morning and afternoon), the spin studio will be a bit chilly when you first walk in. Don’t worry, you’ll warm up soon enough. But until then, keep a light and breathable jacket handy – one you can easily slip off post-warm up with no fuss and slip on when you have to dash. I'm absolutely wild over my Machines For Freedom Day Break Jacket which is breathable, light, and carries all my essentials from keys, phone, headphones, post spin protein bar, and towel.
TIEM Athletic Spin Shoes - Investing in a pair of indoor cycling shoes should be first on your to-do list. I always have my TIEM Athletic spin shoes with SPD cleats that fit directly into the spin bike’s pedals. What's great about these is that I don't have to take them off after class as they are useful for walking and running too! If you’re just trying out indoor cycling for the first time and don’t want to invest quite yet, make sure you wear hard-soled shoes - not enough support and too much flexibility in the sole can lead to injury.
Image Courtesy @Luluaddict
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