Commuter Tips: Summer Riding

20 June, 2018

Ladies, it's that time of the year when we want to look absolutely adorable on our bikes under the summer sun. This year I'm spending half of my time in LA where the sun is always shining. Luckily, I have the coastal breeze to keep me cool but on those hotter days, I'm wishing to jump into the ocean. To help you commute cute this summer, I've rounded up some of my favorite must-do-tricks to keep you cool and sweat proof under the summer sun.

Time Your Commute
Commute time is more predictable when you travel by bike, so you'll soon be able to gauge how long a journey will take. Be sure to check google maps for how long your commute or errands will take you. Also be sure to check your weather app so you can plan your outfit for the day.

Beauty Kit
Always carry a makeup kit with some wet wipes, a comb, and antiperspirant deodorant for a quick freshen up at your destination. More than likely, you’ll arrive at your destination with a beautiful healthy glow but you'll want to cool off and powder up before you arrive to work or your social event.

Sun Proof
Riding a bike is good for your overall health and all that fresh air is good for your skin. Just remember to lather some sunscreen and shade your eyes before you take off. I highly recommend a non-greasy broad-spectrum sunscreen with antioxidants to add another layer of protection too. You want to make sure you're getting the best protection while keeping your pores breathing to release sweat.

Helmet Proof Hair
Helmet hair and heating can be an issue. When wearing a helmet, you can tie back long hair, or secure further in a french plait. Since my hair is long and thick, I like to wear my hair in pig tails to keep my head breathing. When I get off my bike I pin them up a la Frida Kahlo style. If I overheat a bit, I always stop for a sweat pat and water break. Take a comb or brush with you to revive your style when you reach your destination.

Safe But Cool
While helmet hair isn't cool, keeping your head safe is. While a commuter may not need an aerodynamic helmet to keep dry and fresh, opting for a stylish lightweight and ventilated helmet can help keep your head cool. Helmets such as Thousand Heritage helmet and Bern’s Brighton helmet are equipped to keep you fresh. Both are designed with ThinShell technology and ventilation vents to keep you sweat free and safe while you keep up with traffic.

Pack Light
Using panniers and bike bags like Po Campo's, or a basket like Walden's than wearing a rucksack will stop you from getting a sweaty back. 

Dress Up
Sumer time means summer dresses, shorts, and tanks. Sundresses are my go-to summer cycle wear. While I proudly wear my girly side I am also worried about it being too breezy so I always add flash proof tights underneath. You can easily create your own by reusing your winter tights or one's that have gotten snags or holes by cutting them thigh high. I usually stock up on H&M's tights during winter and then reuse them for cycling. They are lightweight and breathable which you want to keep in mind if you opt to cycle in a dress. 

Give yourself time to cool down and hydrate with water when you arrive at your destination. remember to always carry a water bottle with you!

I hope these tips help you prepare for your summer adventures cycling. Happy summer riding!

Image @PublicBikes

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